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Energy Storage

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Rapid Shutdown Devices (RSD)


Transformers, MV & HV GIS, HV Breakers, SVC, Turnkey EPC

Power Transformers

Power Distribution Systems

Reclosers, Switching Devices

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Pole Line Hardware, Lighting Brackets

LED Street Lighting

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ADANI Solar Panels

PV Solar Modules from top global manufacturer Adani Solar.

  • 72 and 60 cell 1500v modules

  • Poly, Mono and MonoPerc

  • Utility, Commercial, Residential applications

  • Bifacial technology

  • Anti-LID/PID 

Integral components for all phases of solar farm construction including:

  • Steel piers, pile driving & mechanical install services

  • PV wire, harnesses, overmolded cables

  • Direct-bury copper & aluminum cable

  • DC cable, AC underground & Overhead Conductors

  • Combiner Boxes & auxiliary hardware 

MV Distribution Breaker

EMA is recognized as an innovator in the MV Distribution Breaker space

  • Integrated Distribution Circuit Breaker interlocked with a High-Speed Grounding Switch

  • Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker up to 38 kV, 3000 A, 40 kA

  • Combined Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker and High-Speed, Mechanically Interlocked Grounding Switch rated 38 kV, 1200 A, 25 / 31.5 / 40 kA

​Energy storage solutions including Centralized Storage, Commercial ESS, Motive and Reserve Power storage

  • Lead Carbon & Lithium Iron Batteries

  • Integrated ESS

  • Stand-alone battery systems

  • Intelligent battery monitoring & thermal management systems

Convert the current generated by the photovoltaic modules, systems monitoring and rapid shutdown devices.

  • Solar Microinverters: 250-600w

  • Gateways

  • ​RSD Solutions / Rapid Shutdown Devices

  • Certified End Caps

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Transformers, MV & HV GIS, HV Breakers, SVC, Turnkey EPC

North America’s #1 power transformer manufacturer in the wind energy space.

Power Transformers

Power and special application transformers for reliable service in even the most extreme conditions.

Power Distribution Systems

Watch this space for exciting news from our partner.

Reclosers & Switching Devices

Indoor and outdoor switching devices, microprocessor-based control devices, current and voltage measuring sensors, software and panel switchgear.

State of the art wire and cable manufacturing:

  • Low Voltage Cables & Accessories

  • Medium Voltage Cables & Accessories

  • Grounding Conductors & Assemblies

  • Overhead / Transmission Cables

Pole Line Hardware & Lighting Brackets

Action Manufacturing fabricates steel and aluminum hardware for electrical distribution and transmission systems at its’ 45,000sf facility in Birmingham, Alabama. 

With strong capabilities in optical, mechanical, electrical designs and precision measurement, EOI is able to supply high efficiency LED components.

  • Street Lighting

  • Traffic Signals

  • Outdoor Displays

American made LED solutions for retrofit applications, including:

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